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New Programs Announcement

To meet the increasing demands of our growing customer base, Infoblox is pleased to announce the launch of new programs and changes to some existing programs.

Infoblox is launching an Elite support program that will provide an enhanced level of support for customers. Customers in this support tier will get a dedicated 24x7x365 support line with access to senior engineers and get a faster response SLA for Severity 1 issues. For other benefits of this support tier, refer to the data sheet at http://www.infoblox.com.

The Infoblox Platinum Programs (Platinum Basic, Platinum Plus and Platinum Global) will be retired on October 3rd, 2016 and replaced with a Technical Account Manager (TAM) program that will be sold as an add-on to our standard maintenance programs.

The key changes between the Platinum programs and the TAM service are:
- Each TAM service purchased entitles customers to a single TAM Engineer for the chosen product line (DDI or NETMRI)
- TAM is available 5x8 during local business hours. Customers can contact our TAC for after-hours support.
- No SLA is associated with the TAM Service. SLA will default to the underlying maintenance terms of the support contract.

For more information on these programs, please refer to the datasheets at http://www.infoblox.com or contact your Account Manager.

The changes will be effective October 3rd, 2016.

Infoblox Team


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